Our story

Sexual intimacy is not only about seeking pleasure, but also about strengthening the bond with your partner.

We believe that this can only be achieved by constantly seducing the other person, understanding their expectations and desires.

SnackMe Chocolate was born with one mission in mind: to bring more spontaneity to these privileged moments and to better express one's desires in bed.

The best way to achieve this is through games and chocolates - games to get to know one's body and that of one's partner better - chocolates to awaken this passion in everyone.

For a longer-lasting connection

Our products are designed to help couples or singles explore what they really want.

Learn new ways to satisfy your other half and strengthen their attraction to you.

All while sharing gourmet chocolates and erotic games.

Our approach

Instead of chemical solutions, we've opted for herbal, fruit and spice recipes to stimulate arousal naturally.

A more costly choice, but one that's more concerned with our customers' well-being.