• Aphrodisiac chocolate bars - Customized set

    Enjoy a variety of aphrodisiac chocolates for two. 100% natural & unique flavors

    16.99 AUD / chocolate bar
    Sets of 3 or 6
  • Erotic games for couples & Box of chocolates

    For those who want to spice things up in bed! Give more pleasure or get (a lot of) pleasure

    Available soon
    Discover the variety of our flavours while you wait

Enough to tease your appetite for what really matters

Experience a more fulfilling intimacy with games and chocolates, for yourself, for two or more.

Explore our range of aphrodisiac chocolates

Plant extracts, fruits or spices, rediscover your sexuality through a unique gourmet experience.

Frequently asked questions

We invite you to use it 30 minutes before the intercourse.

Our chocolates are handmade in France, then transported to a local warehouse in Australia.
Due to high demand, please allow 1 month for delivery.

Yes, our chocolates are designed to benefit both men and women.

The effects are felt according to individual sensitivities, thanks to the presence of natural aphrodisiacs.

All recipes have been developed with a scientific approach.

Nous avons choisi d'utiliser uniquement des ingrédients issus de plantes, de fruits ou d'épices.

Tous les ingrédients sont dosés de manière professionnelle par notre équipe de chocolatiers..

In France, by our team of certified chocolatiers.

The entire process, from chocolate creation to packaging, is carried out locally to guarantee compliance with French health standards.

Between 30 min and 1 hour, depending on sensitivity.

Yes, every order is shipped in a discreet outer box.

Each bar is divided into 4 squares of 25g each.

Please respect the limit of 1 to 2 squares per person per day.

We've chosen these quantities to make the experience both delicious and pleasant in bed.

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